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The idea for this blog started from regular email exchanges between two friends which covered various life events but mostly focused on some main topics: fitness, food, beauty/fashion, and social observations.

Truth be told we agree about 99% of the time, so we thought it would be interesting to open up our conversations to a wider audience. We want to know if you are as obsessed about nail polish as we are, or if you are planning to splurge on the upcoming Hush collection, or if it is important for you to feel sexy in your workout clothes. And for those that would rather just sit in on the conversation, you are welcome too!

Because it is inevitably difficult to describe oneself, here are some fun descriptions courtesy of mentioned Urban dictionary contributors…We are sure you will learn more about us while reading this blog:

Sarah: “Usually a shy, caring, sensitive person. Always stunning in appearance, Sarah’s tend to have a sarcastic sense of humor and reel men in with their looks and wit…” (Godsgirl)  “Someone who will make you laugh and lighten your day even when you’re the one who ruined hers.” (Loves her horses)

Rosemary: “Means ‘bitter rose’, though far from being bitter herself. She laughs all the time and her smile can light up a room…” “She is a Jordanian princess sent to rite all the wrongs of the world with her mad ninja skills…” (Dude10 and Velma Juggs)

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